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To make 5 lbs.....
Add entire seasoning and cure packets to 2/3 cup water.  
To make smaller amounts...Mix 2 tablespoons + 1-1/4 teaspoons seasoning + 1/8 teaspoon of speed cure with approximately 2 tablespoons of water per pound of meat.   

For 25 pound units...
Add entire seasoning and cure packets to 2-3 cups of water. 

Mix thoroughly into meat. 
Stuff into sheep casings, 17-21mm collagen casings or roll into similar size sticks. 

COOK in over or smoker at 100° for 1 hour.  Increase temperature to 180°-200° (165° to 180° for smoker) until product reaches desired internal temperature*. 
After cooking refrigerate or freeze.

*USDA recommends all ground meats be cooked to internal temperature of 160° (165° for poultry).

When making sausage it is important that you add water to the mixture.  Adding water will...

  • Help the seasonings (and cure) blend with the meat much better.
  • Make mixing much easier.
  • Make stuffing much easier.

Water will not weaken the flavor of the sausage.