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Sausage Stuffing Tips



  1. Mix seasoning (and cure if applicable) with at least 1 oz (2 Tablespoons) of water per pound of meat.  Mix thoroughly until seasoning is dissolved.
  2. Add seasoning/water mixture to meat.
  3. Mix meat until it begins to get tacky. (Do Not Over Mix)
  4. Immediately place meat in stuffer.  Do not allow the sausage to sit for a period of time before stuffing.  This will dry mixture out and make stuffing much harder.  

If mixture becomes difficult to stuff add additional water to loosen it up a bit.  This will not affect the flavor of the finished sausage.  

Test your sausage before actually stuffing it into casings.  Fry a little up to see if its what you want.  Its the perfect time to add a little extra seasoning or other flavors to suit your own personal taste.  Make it yours!